January 15, 2008

Jan Adopted Charity - Crop for Kids

Our adopted charity for January is Crop for Kids

Crop for Kids is a scrapbooking event officially approved by
Good Friday Appeal for the
Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.
To raise funds for this charity, they are selling exclusive designed
Crop for Kids embellishements.
100% of the sales proceeds will go directly to the Good Friday Appeal.
Scrappin Kids Care is selling those embellishments here on their behalf.

Check them out!

Chipboard People
Made by Scrapware and designed by our competition winner, Samantha Plowright.
These people are made from strong chipboard and stand approximately 2" tall.
They come in a pack of one boy and one girl and link together in any combination,
so why not buy a few sets and make a whole family!
It takes 8 people (4 packs) to completely span a 12" page

Ceramic Pack
Made by Crafty Matters this star and circle pack is made from strong, glazed ceramic.
Each is approximately 1" tall making it the perfect size for any scrapbooking project.

Acrylic Rocket
It can be hard to find great boyish embellishments,
and this funky acrylic rocket is one of the coolest we've seen.
Made by Julies Craft Shop, it is approximately 3.5" tall.

The embellishments are selling at
SGD$2.60 per pack
Postage is FREE for every 2 packets ordered
International orders are most welcome

Please place your order via email to scrappinkids4@yahoo.com.sg
You need to include your name, addresse and the quantity of each embellishment you require.
The total cost will be sent to you along with payment instructions.
In all cases, payments must be received before the items can be sent to you.

Hurry place your order now in a name of charity!!

Below are a few creations done by our Scrappin Kids Residence Designers

Mich's World
by Wati

1st Love
by Liza

by Wati


Scrappin Kids Care is where we do our bit for charity.

Scrappin Kids Care will be adopting a Children's Charity every month.
We will be assisting the charities in various projects and
all proceeds collected here will be donated to the selected charity.

We will be introducing to you our adopted Charity,
their objectives and goals and web links (if any).
We will also post an update on the contribution amount going to the charity
at the end of the adoption period.

With YOUR help, no matter how small the contribution is,
Children in need of it all over the world will be able to benefit from your love and support.

Make a difference in the lives of kids who need it most!

Do your part for Charity at
Scrappin Kids Care!