July 23, 2008

Frame Charity Drive

Club Rainbow is organising a Caregivers Appreciation Day
on 17 Aug 08

Club Rainbow is a registered charity in Singapore
who is committed to help children suffering from a range
of chronic and life-threatening illnesses.
Club Rainbow is currently supporting more
than470 children and their families.

They provide a range of free services
including a volunteer-based befriender network & counselling,
free tution at home, at our Rainbow Family Care Centre
on weekends and for children warded at the
KK Women's and Children's Hospital, even bedside tution.

Club Rainbow also helps in family bonding
through a range of social activities.
Talks are organise for parents on
medical & family-related issues.
For needy family, Club Rainbow also provides financial help.

Club Rainbow need Scrappin Kids Care to support them
with a photo frame for the children to place their
family professional shots and to be given to their parents,
who are their caregivers on that day.

"Frame Charity Drive"

Scrappin Kids Care had pledged to provide
100 photo frames for this occasion.
These photo frames are to be semi-decorated
and the children will be putting the final touches
and personalised it on that day.

How can you help??

There are two ways of helping this "Frame Drive"

All you need to do is to pledge to alter 1 frame!
The frame must be able to fit a 4R photos (horizontal)
Since its a family photo that will be placed on the frame,
kindly ensure that the frame has a family theme
You just need to semi-decorated/alter the frame
as the children will add the final touches

We need embllishments in the form of buttons, flowers,
alpha stickers, chipboard (family theme)
for the kids to use for the final touches
Please contribute these embllishments for us to put it all together

Please email to
and let us know your pledge
Please state "Frame" if you are
pledging a frame
"Embllishments" if you are
contributing embllishments
"Frame Charity Drive"
if you are pledging the frame &
contributing the embllishments as well
in your email header
Appreciate if you could email us on your pledge,
we need to keep track on the drive
Thanks ladies!!!

All frames & emblishments are to reach us by
11 August 08

Here are some altered frames done by our SK Crew

please ensure that the frames are in horizontal orientation

Do your bit for charity!!!
Just imagine the smile on the
children and the caregivers
upon receiving such a
personalised and precious frame!!

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