March 16, 2008

Club Rainbow Annual Party

Club Rainbow invited
Scrappin Kids Care
to join them for their Annual Party
It was held today
at the Singapore Science Centre

Tags from the
A TAG! Charity Drive
all ready to be given to the kids
as door gift :)
Thank You
everyone who supported us with
A TAG! Charity Drive
At the party, the kids had so much fun scrapping
nd making their Layouts and tags!
In fact, they are all so creative
Scrappin Kids Care
is really glad that we could share our passion the kids!!

We would like to thank
My Scrap Affair & Laines
for sponsoring the materials for the kids

We truly appreciate it :)

Here are some pictures to share!
Just look at those priceless smile :)


chowchow said...

Liza and Wati - well done my 2 scrappy and very busy friends. You have done a very good deed that sunday and all the kids look so very very happy with their work!!! Cheers to you 2!!!

JazzScraps said...

Wohoo!! Way to go my partners in crime!! I feel so proud of you 2!!
And look at those wonderful photos of the kids!! Definitely priceless!!

Lynna said...

Great job to you both ; ( Wati & Liza )

Kamal Bhakuni said...
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Kamal Bhakuni said...

You must be appreciated for the job you have done, Great Work!

PS: find variety of designs and sizes of baby changing stations here.

Tony Wu said...

Thanks for the useful tips!