March 3, 2008

A TAG! Charity Drive


We have been receiving parcels and envelopes of tags everyday!
It came as far as from Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia
and of course Singapore!!
We are so touched by how much LOVE & EFFORT
that has been put into making these tags!!
All the tags are soooo lovely!!

With all of your support, we've hit our 250 target!
We received
more than 300 tags!!!


Club Rainbow has invited Scrappin Kids Care
to join them for their Annual Party
on the 16th of March 08.
They will be providing us a booth for us
to scrap with the KIDS!!!
We are so excited about it !!!
Do look out for more updates on the party!

Meanwhile, here are some pics of the tags!!
Hope you can spot yours!
Thanks again for your support!


Norhayati Mohd said...

WOW!!!Look at ALL those tags!! *beam with pride*

Yay to us for able to use our hobby for something good! :)

& yay to scrappinkids team for organising this, allowing me to be part of this project :)

Well Done Ladies!! :)

Wati Basri said...

yesss...its definately amazing to see how all of us get together with our passion!! Thanks again for everyone who had supported us on this Charity Drive!!

JazzScraps said...

Oh my goodness!!! Look at them wonderful super special tags!! All made with love from scrappers around!!
Am just so touched by all you scrappers out there!!
May all of you be blessed!

Thanks so much for joining us in this drive!!

alin said...

hey i can see my tags..weheee.. so glad to join the charity!

Tony Wu said...

its definately amazing to see how all of us get together with our passion!! Eyeones Kids